Climate Change



  • Create incentives for rainwater collection and solar for businesses and residences.

  • Expand access to recycling programs in rural areas.

  • Support programs to educate residents about water conservation.

  • Increase use of native and drought tolerant landscaping, permeable walkways and parking areas and grey-water re-use.

  • Educate residents on creating conservation easements on private land and help them through the application process.

Climate change is real and will have (is having) a dramatic impact on Texas. From drought and water shortages to floods and hurricanes, Texas has always experienced extreme weather. As the planet warms we can expect more frequent and more intense weather events. When compared to other U.S. states, Texas has the largest amount of annual carbon dioxide emissions, roughly twice as much as the second-place state of California. Policy changes and air quality regulations in Texas can be implemented that would reduce emissions and help to mitigate the impact of climate change.  House District 73 is located completely within the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We are one of the fastest growing areas in the country and also home to precious and limited natural water resources. Climate change will increase the likelihood of weather extremes including drought, flood, intense storms and wildfires. I believe we have the moral obligation to act on the current scientific evidence and do any and everything possible to respond to the global challenges posed by climate change.

I would like to see the state do more to help support homeowners and businesses convert to rainwater harvesting systems and to incorporate rainwater systems into new commercial and residential construction. Most of the state does not have limits on impervious cover and in HD 73 much of the land is in the ecologically sensitive aquifer recharge zone. There are many decisions that could be made at the state and local level that would protect our aquifers and help us prepare for drought. Texas needs to rethink the century old legal framework that governs water rights and to support and incentivize water harvesting and wastewater recycling. I would also work to have some limits on impervious cover in order maintain our water quality and to prevent an increase in storm water runoff and flooding.

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